Dance in 2021

I can't believe it has been one year and three months since our last showcase of December 2019. So much has happened yet so little has been done.

I am not to stay still on the matter. I am moving on and trying different things to help this world be a better place. Like the song says "Reach out and touch somebody's hand make this world a better place.

I am embarking on two journeys. To rebuild my dance community and create a new career. Public Speaking.

I want to get new students again to star in my DAMAD performances.
DAMAD stands for Dance And Make A Difference or Dance And Make A Donation.
The purpose of the foundation is to address hunger in this country by starting with feeding college students. Since I teach at SJSU. Then to expand it to single parents then couples with children and keep adding on.

I am starting with the college students as that is where I have the greatest influence at this time. I have already donated over $2100 to the cause and my goal is to reach $10,000 in one donation.  

I am planning on doing that in a couple of ways. The first one is in the sale of my book
Words Matter For $19.99 ($25.00 total includes tax and shipping). I will then donate 10% of the proceeds to SJSU cares. You can purchase the book form the link below.

Please include email and phone number with your order as I will send you a free gift as well.

You can follow me at www.WordsMatterbyBudAyers.com

or join me on "Become a fan of Bud Ayers" on facebook for dance lessons on Wednesday evening.



$25.00 gets you an Ebook, a soft cover hard copy (first 100 get it autographed)
and an Audiobook. ETA March 1st

If you tell your friends about the book, I will pay you a $10.00 referral fee for each book shared.  Email me at www.Bud.ayers@gmail.com for more details

Stay tuned for upcoming events.

Showcase Friday November 8, 2019

Our last show was a tremendous success. Not only did we get some great performances but also raised $1520 for SJSU Cares. 

Our next show is only three weeks away as we put our first show of our bi-annual performances. Join us for some entertainment as our SJSU students........ 

Dance and Make a Difference  (DAMAD)

Our showcases provide an economical platform for SJSU students and others to display their talents as well as introduce new people to the world of ballroom dancing. For some, it will be their first public performance and for others, a chance to show their growth. We are expecting members from SJSU DanceSport Spartans to dance for you.

Lots and lots of new routines and we welcome dancers from Arete Dance Center in Los Altos.

The location will 
San Jose Woman's Club
75 South Eleventh Street
San Jose, 95112

Doors open at 7 PM (Seating is first come, first served)
Showtime at 8 PM

Snacks and refreshments included in price of admission. $25.00 at the door. 

100% of the proceeds will go to SJSU cares to provide food for starving SJSU students

Email me at bud.ayers@gmail.com or text me at 408-807-2749
If you would like to participate or help out 

Advanced tickets purchase through 

Venmo... $20   www.venmo.com/Bud-Ayers

Paypay.. $21
$25.00 at the door. 

100% of the proceeds will go to SJSU cares to provide food for starving SJSU students