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Bud's Corner

"Budisms" (what my students call my comments)

  • I've never heard any one say "I wish I couldn't dance"
  • A man can only do what he knows, A woman can do what she doesn't know......
  • If the man can lead the woman can follow is not a true statement, ladies are not born followers, I know... I have a daughter!
  • The number one complaint ladies have in dancing is they cannot feel a lead.....
  • Gentlemen, your goal is to stop your lady from thinking......by leading well
  • Women don't dance because of how it makes them think they dance because of how it makes them FEEL so gentlemen make your lady FEEL the step!
  • One of the biggest mistakes ladies make in dance is:  Ladies go limp in their mans arms, thinking that this will make them lighter.  Going limp actually makes them heavier because now they are like a sack of potatoes, just mass and no form (sorry ladies).
  • Ladies, back leading your man is like teaching someone to drive a stick shift when all you have is an automatic. He will not learn that way.
  • Dancing is an expression of joy, ever see a miserable person dance?
  • Dancing is like life, simple but not easy.
  • Gentlemen, the dance floor is the only place on this planet, where the woman says, make me do what you want me to do and mean it!
  • In the world of dance, men's brains process information like a 486 while women process at 1.6Gh
    Bottom Line: Gentlemen, in the long run, a woman does not care how many home runs you hit, touchdowns you score, money you make or even how nice your body looks.  They care about how you make them feel in your relationship.  Make them feel like a queen and she will make you her king!
  • Ladies, when a man is learning a step he cannot see, hear or feel you!  So don't talk to him when his eyes are glazed over. He is not able to hear you, so don't think he is not paying attention.
  • Men don't try to impress her with stuff you don't know (or understand)