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Formation Teams


Competition Level Group Formation Dance Team

Sometimes we have brought our performance dance team to a dance competition, and
the students absolutely loved it!  Our competition team took first place at the San Jose State Classic in 2008.   

We need more dancers, especially men! 

This team will work more seriously on their dancing, competing against other dance teams at local competitions.  Auditions will be required for all team members.  We will want a total of 8 couples plus substitutes.  NO PARTNER NEEDED.

Competition Dances
We are currently NOT working on a competition dance routine.

Audition & Practice times:
Not at this time.

Competition team fees:
Just $50 collected monthly
Competition fees extra 
Costume fees extra

Normal Dance Competition Schedule  

City Lights: end January
SF Open: near Easter
International Grand Ball: end of July
Bud's Showcase at Dance Spectrum, date varies, but usually April, August & December
Autumn Classic: 2nd wknd October
University comps: dates vary but generally they are in October, November, February, April

There are other dance competitions that do something called Team Match. It's a fun way to compete as a team in other dances. Those are listed above. 

A team match is offered sometimes through University competitions. The team match may offer, for example, four dances: International style waltz, cha-cha, quickstep, and rumba. One representative couple from each team will enter each dance. Each team should consist of eight people; however, teams of six or seven will be permitted if a school or group is not able to produce a full team of eight. Any school, organization, or group may enter this event. Team match entries will be accepted on the day of the competition.
Performance Group Formation Dance Team

A group formation dance is a choreographed routine, where everyone is dancing together. The choreography is kept as simple as possible, and has terrific results, with dancers weaving in and around each other, explosions, and so much more. Bud makes it fun, and after a few weeks, the students usually get together for extra practice time (the extra time always makes a difference).

A group formation dance is a great way to get work on your dancing skills, make new friends, perform for your friends (get over your fear) and have a great time doing it. We are taking signups now!   NO PARTNER NEEDED.

Practices are every Sunday.

Practices are currently held from 5 - 6 pm at Dance Boulevard click here for map

We are in the planning stages currently/ MORE MEN are needed.  

See below for "Group Routine Expectations," which should answer most questions.

Salsa Formation Team Video