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Photos & Video

DAMAD Showcase October 19

Below are the videos from our last showcase. Many thanks to Emily Fernandez for taking the video.
 A special "Thank you" to Kris Mola for her staff  and students from Arete Studios in Los Altos for participating in our show.
And to dance professionals Christopher Li and Dan Tran and their students for performing for our showcase. 

Bud Ayers and Joanna Sobcyk  -  Waltz

William Mendoza and Jordan Santagata - Argentine Tango

Selina Chih - Theatre Arts

Bud Ayers and Jordan Santagata - American Rhythm Rumba

Areeb Yaqub and Lorena Silva - International Waltz

Mariah Levin and Joe La Chance International Rumba

Isaac Aguilar and Niki Henderson Waltz

John Grube and Carolyn Collman Waltz

Areeb Yaqub - Chinese Yoyo

Oscar Rodriguez and Chrystal Bella Chen International Rumba 

2nd Half

Bud Ayers and Jordan Santagata - Samba
Copyright issues

Oscar and Rodriguez and Chrystal Bella Chen -Jive

Mock competition
Waltz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ypN1FzdEPk
Tango - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrP492UE8bU
Viennese Waltz - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73wwPS1UOow
Foxtrot -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqzVEQdYpCw

Dan Tran and Yumi Honkura - Viennese Waltz

Bud Ayers and Deborah Borlase - Charleston

Chris Li and Tammy Cheng - Quickstep

Dan Tran and Yumi Honkura - Mambo

Showcase April 2017

Bud and Helena Fox Trot

Robert and Brooke Argentine Tango

Bud and Alicia Cha cha

Chris and Brittany Tango

Chris and Brittany Waltz

Scott and Brooke Medley

Robert and Brooke Bolero

Bud and Elaine Rumba

Steve and Sally V Waltz

April 22 Showcase. Most attended showcase to date

It's hard to believe that it had been one year since my last showcase in April 2015. I was excited to be back and looking forward to performing new routines. My hope was to include some of the previous performers in the show but many had a competition the next day. It is really heartwarming to see how much they have grown and matured in their dancing. It tickles me that so many started out in my social classes in SJSU.

I hope to have inspired more future dances and performers for next time.

Photos courtesy of Hui Guo

It starts as we have for the past 7 showcase. Elaine kicks us off with a cute little rumba to the Platters "Up on the roof"


Photographs taken by and courtesy of Jessica Krick

Elaine has kicked off many of our showcases. This time we dance a Fox Trot to "Gonna Boogie tonight" by Tony Orlando and Dawn. Many enjoyed the sweetness of this routine

It was followed up by a fast and furious quickstep by Brook and Robert. They return later in the evening for a crowd pleasing Argentine Tango

We return with an international waltz routine with professional Magda Mendez and her student Brian. Magda is an independent instructor that teaches in Scott's Valley

sorry no video available.

Alicia has attended but not performed the last three showcases. Her last appearance back in April of 2014 She stepped out of comfort zone to perform a sultry little tango to "Show Us How You Burlesque" from the movie of the same name. I decided to push her harder and do a higher level Rumba routine. What makes it higher level is that there are few basic steps 90% is choreography so she must really know her routine well. the audience and I felt she did a really good performance. What do you think?


Scott and Brook hit the floor with their Argentine tango. This is the second time they have performed this number and it has improved since the last showcase.

We had a beautiful contemporary piece put together by the SJSU Dance dept.

sorry no video available

I am so honored to be able to coach this young talent. She has a lot of grace and poise as well as being able to dance in character. This was a rumba we did last showcase except with a new dress. I think it really adds to the dance. Look out for Ming Cheng as I showcase more of her talents in the showcases to come. (She'll be back later on the show)

We took some time to do some general dancing due to my costume preparation and many felt it was worth the wait. The next number was a Brand New Paso Doble routine performed by Helena Findikaki. Tring to come up wit some futuristic metallic costume was quite difficult so we went with aluminum tape. Oh well. My character was going to get banged up anyway. This unique Paso was performed to the them of "Pacific Rim"

End of first half

Scott and Brook hit the floor with their Argentine tango. This is the second time they have performed this number and it has improved since the last showcase.

I always like to give someone the opportunity to strut their stuff whether it be dancing, signing and even martial arts. Lingli Wang was one od my dance students who has a underlying passion for singing so I asked her to sing at our show and she did wonderful.

We welcome back Ming Cheng. This time it is to perform an American Style Waltz. I choreographed this waltz back in 2007 or 8 for a couple of talented students.I gave Ming the opportunity to choose routines that I have done that are over 7 years old and make them a new. She is wearing a "$2000" dress (ask me about it sometime) 


Brook and Robert return for a slow but exciting Argentine Tango. This seemed to be the audience favorite. This was just a taste of the complete routine. Watch the complete version in September and for Brooke and I to perform as Samba.


We finished the show with a rumba with Magda and me. Many thanks to my volunteers for their help. Deborah thought they were the best crew ever. Thanks to Anthony Co for the video recordings. Greta job, by the way. Also thanks to Jessica Krick for the photographs.

Dec 2014 Holiday Ball

Latest Videos from our Holiday ball at the San Jose Woman's Club

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2RS8ae1-j8 Act 1 Bud and Richelle Rumba

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC-XmqvRBvk Act 3 Elaine and Bud Argentine Tango

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThI5upP7YZM Act 6 Wilson and Vanessa Waltz

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQBvvjJF99w  Act 7 Shaq and Richelle QS Samba

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE7P9Ra_wNg  Act 8 Scott and Brooke Tango

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9koC0hk9H4 Act 9 Bud and Richelle Cha cha

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjX4Z4PXr-c Act 10 Shaq and Kat Cha Cha Tango

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Aw67uUqcUU Act 11 Devin and Risha Paso Doble

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TSubBEQNdc Act 13 Devin and Risha Jive

Act 14 Carson and  Richelle Cha cha 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBIwl0JfqzQ   Act 16 Viennese Waltz Formation

April 12th 2013 Showcase.
Here are all the acts from our last Showcase in April. Many thanks to Dawn Neuhart for the photos and Josh Wannamaker for the video capture

For video, Click on the links after the description.

It was a packed house with over 140 people in the audience and over 20 performers. There were a couple of new standouts. At the last minute (literally) I asked Lindsay to kick off the show and kick off she did. She got the crowd all warmed up. What an act to follow. I am looking forward to having back in my next show if she doesn't become famous by then.

Act 1
Lindsay Sommers

Elaine has danced in my last 5 showcases. Here she is performing a waltz.

Next up was a mock competition to help prepare the SJSU Dancesport Spartans for their competition in Stanford the following day. For many it was their first taste of competition and getting used to dancing in front of an audience while having to navigate around other dancers. They performed a Waltz, Tango and a Fox trot

Bud and Richelle perform the first of their three dances together and one of 4 performance by Richelle that evening

The team returns. This time new dancers compete in Cha Cha, Rumba and Samba

Back for Routine Number 2. Bud and Richelle dance a Tango Cha Cha Medley.

Lindsay is back with her second number "Popular" with a little help from her BFF

In the spirit of encouraging my student, I often invite my coach to show that I have to practice to keep my technique sharp. Here we are performing an International Rumba to "Skyfall"

That brought our first act to an end.

My formation team started the the second for three of the members it was their first formation team routine. One of our members started dancing in January and did a great job with this complicated routine. Half the team had been dancing less than a year. Need less to say I was quite proud of their performance.

Lady team members Carol Kromer, Richelle Gali, Thina Tran and Katharine Brinker
Gentlemen members were Shaq Pashtunyar, Scott Sahlman, Ken Alfson and Anthony Lopez

One of our team members has two very talented daughters who love to sing. They performed for us last year so we welcomed them back to sing once more. Kaylynn and Candace Cromer sing " Titanium"

Its been a a year since Deborah and I were able to perform. Her foot injury has pretty much kept her off the floor. But she's stayed healthy and we were able to perform a waltz to one of her's and my favorite songs.

I am so proud of Ming Sum Lai. She started our 4 years ago. I have enjoyed watching her dancing improve to the level she has achieved so far, Her choreography skills are developing as well. Ming Sum choreographed this routine. She and Total were also a big hit in my showcase back in August 2012.

This next routine was one of fastest creations. In less than 2 hours, I was able to put this dance together for a couple of very dedicated students. A lot of the moves I choreographed were for more advanced dancers but I knew these two were up to the challenge and they did as spectacular job. Listen to how the crowd reacts to this routine.

To end the show, I put my new prodigy to the test. Here she is back for her fourth performance. Dancing a Samba.

As with any show. There are so many things that go on that most people aren't aware of so I want to thanks my many volunteers for their time and effort in helping make this show as great as it was.

Kitchen help. Shaq Pashtunay, Carol Kromer Deborah Borlase and Katharine Brinker. Kelly Huyhn 
Collecting fees, Thina Tran, Anthony Lopez and Richelle Gali
Set Up, Chris Smith, Scott Sahlman 
Videography- Josh Wannamker, Travis Waller, Total Nguyen
Photography - Chris Smith, Dawn Neuhart
Misc and Clean Up Evelyn Zhang, Travis Waller, Anthony Lopez, Shaq Pashtunay, Scott Sahlman and Chris Smith

I will have more photos and videos showing the show from the balcony.

Our next performance will either be end August 23 or September 13. We are in the planning stages now so if you want to be part of the next show let me know.  See you on the dance floor....

Dec. 14th Showcase.
Held our final show at a new location. Lots of new faces and performances.
Next show (April 12) already in the making.  Many thanks to Dawn Neuhart for the photos.



I am putting my videos on YouTube.com or Photobucket.com so click the links below for the video of your choice.

All the videos on youtube.com

Our very own Carly  (Salsa Formation 2006) in the play "Gilligan's Island the Musical". She appears at 1:50

Carly is Ginger on the far right

Halloween Werewolf....... Thanks to Garry Prycroft for the Video

Bud and Rachel Samba 2006

Salsa Formation 2006