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Private Lessons & Group Lessons

The best way to accelerate your learning is through private lessons.  I will teach you the fundamentals of social or competitive dancing on an individual or group basis. 

I teach out of the following studios (also check Locations):

Dance Boulevard in San Jose
Starlite Ballroom Santa Clara** add $5.00 to fee
Sunnyvale Community Center

Fee is $70** for a 45-minute lesson, $100 group class.  Gents, although I will teach you, I recommend you take lessons from a female teacher.  Talk to me about recommendations.

Special offer on private lessons: $650 for 10 lessons
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Group classes are a fun way to get a bunch of friends together to learn to dance.  If your company, relatives, friends, etc. would like to schedule some group lessons, give me a call & I'll get you in! 

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I am also available to do performances.  I have performed at weddings, parties, fundraisers, and even a memorial!  Many of my requests for performances have included a dance lesson for the guests followed by some dance music.  Any  request for a performance may require a minimum of one month's advance notice, depending on the performance required. 

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